On the Road – Sept 27

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On a perfect Indiana Autumn afternoon, we met with 70 seniors at the Newton Community Center in Lakeville, Indiana. While Rick was singing ‘America the Beautiful’, the crowd spontaneously stood and sang along.  The room rang with ‘Amen’ when Jim spoke of our commitment to preserving and protecting the Constitution.  The seniors all agreed with him that we paid into Medicare and Social Security all our lives, and it is close to embezzlement that the $2.6 TRILLION Social Security trust fund has been used for purposes other than was intended.  Jim also presented Jackie Walorski with our Honorary Guardian of Seniors Rights award.  She spoke of visiting at long term care facilities with seniors (many of whom were military veterans).  She said the younger generations are rising up to protect the nation’s seniors.  Jackie spoke of Izzie, a 90-something senior who raised three children alone when she was widowed during the Great Depression.  When asked for a word of wisdom, Izzie told Jackie that she never would have envisioned government becoming so big and intrusive.  Izzie said government should ‘back out of our lives’.

David answered the question “What are we to do?”  with the real unemployment number being at least 15%, the national debt reaching $16 TRILLION during the week of the Democrat’s convention in Charlotte a few weeks ago, and Obamacare bringing the highest tax increase in world history, David urged everyone to get involved: make calls, write letters, and above all…VOTE!  Just like stopping the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ a couple of years ago, we have the power to restore sanity again in Washington.

That evening, we crossed into the Central Time Zone for our last Indiana stop. The Butterfield Pavilion, nestled in the gardens in Valparaiso’s former fairgrounds, was the perfect setting for our town hall.  Amy said that this moment in history is so vital to the future of our nation that she’s entrusted her three young children in her husband’s care to urge seniors throughout the country to get involved, but especially to go to the polls in 40 days.  David said he never imagined the government would engage in such rampant spending!

At every town hall, Amy invited state directors or local field directors to the microphone to engage the seniors in our audience in the local opportunities for service and activity!

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  1. The evening of the 28th September, I attended the bus tour in Gurnee, IL. I heard music by Rick. I didn’t get his full name or the label on which his music is recorded. Could you pass that information on to me? I like to purchase his music.

    Also at the tour I didn’t hear about how one becomes a member of the 60 Plus Association. I’m interested if membership is open. Also, I like to know how I could donate to the national Political Action Committee that I understand that Jim Martin supports.

    Thanks. I enjoyed last night’s presentation.

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