On the Road – Sept 25

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We welcomed another huge crowd at our Findlay, Ohio town hall meeting on Tuesday, held at the Hancock County Agency on Aging.  Shona had other engagements for a couple of days, but we again welcomed Dr. C.L. Gray, who told the group the story of Barbara Wagner that shocked and terrified our seniors yesterday.  Every stop, we hear Americans of all ages express fears about the future of our health care and how it will take control from patients and their doctors and transfer it to the government.

This group was also fearful about America’s energy future and the affect stifling coal and other energy resource production will have on our security and our economy.  Jim also talked with the attendees about ‘Taxmageddon’, the Death Tax, how the wealthy are able to create foundations to avoid having to pay this most confiscatory of all taxes, but small business owners and farmers do not have the resources to establish these protections.  The crowd agreed that it is unfair that the first one in line to greet the grieving widow and orphans is Uncle Sam with his hand out.  They cheered when Jim vowed to continue working until the Death Tax is killed once and for all.

Jim also elaborated on the health benefits derived from participating in healthy exercise, and talked about his involvement in Senior Olympics.  Jim noted that he plans to compete in Cleveland, Ohio in 2013 and hopes to play against some players in the crowd.

Our last Ohio town hall was held that evening in Troy, with about 200 in attendance.  Amy shared her lifelong commitment to honor and help senior citizens, speaking about her Grandpa Phil (a veteran who stormed the beaches of Normandy), her late grandmother who fell victim to Alzheimer’s disease, and her father Pat, who is battling a terminal illness with courage and determination.  She said seniors issues are indeed family issues.

We were delighted that David Williams, President of Taxpayers Protection Alliance, was able to rejoin our bus tour.  David, throughout his 18 year career in Washington, DC is a noted sleuth to ferret out waste, abuse, and earmarks.  He’s seen a lot of ridiculous political spending, totaling 3.8 TRILLION of our dollars being spent yearly by the government.  He shared a few of his ‘favorites’: the now-bankrupt Solyndra, an indoor rainforest, and grants to the Tiger Woods Foundation.  He said Obamacare is much worse that originally forecasted to cost, now projected to be $2.6 TRILLION. Hidden within this enormous bill, there are taxes imposed upon us to fund putting calorie counts on New York menus, studies to determine where bike lanes should be placed (David suggested in the streets), and 159 new bureaucracies, including the infamous IPAB.  David stressed that 60 Plus is the most trustworthy group representing seniors throughout the nation, and urged the assembled folks to become active with us.

Amy introduced Jim to enthusiastic applause.  Everywhere we go, the crowds respond to his remarks with laughter, nodding heads and loud expressions of agreement.

Rick Heil was back on our tour with this last stop.  During his singing of ‘Proud to Be an American -God Bless the USA’, had everyone singing, swaying, and holding hands.  We knew he was truly gifted, but we didn’t fully understand the range of his popularity until we got to the hotel.  There was a huge sign posted that said “Welcome Rick Heil”…and we all got goodie bags from the hotel because he was traveling with us!

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