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It is fitting that the last town hall of our 60 Plus Health Care Freedom bus tour was held where we began 6 weeks ago…in Florida. After scores of meetings across the nation with thousands of seniors, we met on Sunday in Jim’s childhood hometown of Fort Lauderdale.  Surrounded by over 200 seniors, we all felt that we are on the brink of a critical moment in our nation’s history.

Amy praised Jim in front of this hometown crowd by saying he is seniors’ secret weapon in Washington, leading the movement to repeal the Death Tax.  She told the group that Jim doesn’t “go along to get along”, he calls out members of both parties when they err.  She also said that the battles we fight at 60 Plus are not just seniors’ issues, they are family issues, and she feels the largest sense of urgency to combat forces that could destroy the American way of life.  She urged everyone to stand with us as we face the next 30 days and beyond.

The audience applauded their approval when President George W. Bush completed Jim’s introduction, and resonated throughout Jim’s message.  Jim presented the facts about the threat of Obamacare on seniors and the cronyism that occurred between the White House and AARP in the period leading up to passage of PPACA.  When Jim suggested that we send copies of the Constitution to Congress and the White House, one person in the audience shouted “Do it!”  The hometown crowd gave Jim a warm Florida reception and we were delighted that his brother Bob was able to join us for this town hall.

Another special guest at our Fort Lauderdale town hall was Adam Hasner.  Adam praised the 60 Plus Association by saying we didn’t have a “financial interest in Washington”, we have a “patriotic interest in Washington”.  He said the nation’s economic mess was a bi-partisan actions, but now isn’t the time to point fingers or place blame.  Adam said we cannot keep spending more than what comes in without jeopardizing our nation’s security–the country’s future depends upon it.  Every time the country has faced a crisis, the future has been challenged by a generation that answers the call with a passion to create a stronger, more prosperous, and safer America.  He said that 60 Plus leads the charge to answer that call. Jim presented Adam Hasner with our Honorary Ben Franklin and Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Awards.
Goodbyes and endings are always difficult.

From Florida, to Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and back to Florida, we’ve listened to what seniors want, what they have experienced in their lives, and what they fear for themselves, their families, and the nation.  We’ve strengthened friendships and heard some touching stories all along the way.  We return to Washington with your messages, and we pledge to make those messages heard.

In 2009, Jim predicted that a Senior Citizen Tsunami would come ashore in November, 2010. It did. As our senior activists said then “This November, we’ll remember!”

Now, in 30 days, seniors will again go to the polls in record numbers.  We won’t be ‘scared into the voting booth’ by ‘Granny being tossed over the cliff’.  We know what is at stake, and again, this November, we’ll remember.

This journey ends, but not the fight.

All of us at the 60 Plus Association thank you for being a part of this wonderful tour.  You’ve touched us.  God bless you all, and may God continue to bless and guide this great nation.

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  1. Letter to the editors:

    September 17, 2012
    I am retired in my 80’s, living on my social security and some company pensions.
    It seems like every week there is another jump in the cost of my utilities and the creeping inflation attached to everything we purchase from groceries to gasoline to insurance. I am very fearful as I look forward to the 2012 election.

    This President has been the most
    out of control irresponsible spend thrift that has ever held the title of President. By the time he ends his first 4 year term he will have added more than 4 ½ TRILLION dollars to the deficit that I thought was
    already too high before Obama arrived on the scene.

    My fear is that if Obama wins a 2nd term we will all be facing the continued out of control irresponsible spending, massive new taxes in order for the Obama administration to pay the cost of his deficit spending, “Obamacare” with its Washington takeover of our health care with health care costa skyrocketing and some Bureaucrat like Secretary Kathleen Sebelus, making decisions on what health care I will receive at my age.
    This is a gigantic bureaucratic take over removing the decision making about health care from our home state of Iowa. At least here in Iowa we have elected officials making health care decisions after hearing from the Iowa population as to what is wanted and need. The truth of the matter is that we simply can’t afford or endure another Obama term.
    We all must carefully consider who we vote for. Obama and out of control irresponsible spending or Romney with fiscal responsibility? Hollis Smith

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