On the Road – Oct 5

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Our first event on Friday was in Tallahassee, Florida.  Held at the Red Elephant restaurant, we had over 50 seniors attend.  Since the non-participants in the other side of the restaurant were loud, we moved the event outside to the bus, where Amy and Jim answered questions about 60 Plus.  Jim confessed to this Florida State crowd that he was a Florida Gator, and, since Jim informed the crowd that we did in fact have two FSU graduates on staff, they kindly forgave him!  The seniors were uplifted when Jim encouraged them to stay involved through the election and beyond, and encouraged them to be active in 60 Plus.

Our Meet-and-Greet in Gainesville had over 20 seniors and 40 members of the University of Florida’s Young Republicans.  At the 101 Downtown pub, Jim presented Congressional candidate Ted Yoho with our Honorary Guardian of Seniors Rights award.  Yoho, accompanied by his 90 year old mother and his wife, praised 60 Plus as the conservative organization that best represents seniors’ interests across country.  He spoke about the critical need to put party positions aside and put America first in order to preserve Social Security and Medicare for the current and soon-to-be seniors, and to make sure younger members have fair and affordable programs as well.

The attendees were invited to participate in the aggressive efforts the 4 Florida regional offices will be putting forth for the remaining 30+ days leading up to the election to make sure seniors’ voices will be heard on November 6th.

Jim then represented 60 Plus at the University of Florida’s ‘Foundation Banquet’ after our event.

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