On the Road – Oct 4

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On Thursday, the team traveled from Alabama and rendezvoused at the Hilton Sandestin hotel in Miramar Beach, Florida for our town hall with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee! Held in the Coral Ballroom, we had over 400 seniors attend!

Amy was ‘on her game’ as our emcee. If she ever decides to change careers, she had a great future as a political talk show host! (Don’t tell her, though. She’s too vital where she is….)

Shona gave her best presentation of the tour. It seemed like she was speaking one-to-one with everyone in the audience, and they were attentive as they listened to her story of trial and survival. Her warnings of the dangers of government-controlled healthcare were well heeded.

Someone viewing a broadcast of our town hall would have thought we had a laugh/applause track. This was our most appreciative crowd of the entire tour. Everything Jim said generated either loud applause or laughter (or both), with nodding heads and approval murmurs throughout the room. He told the crowd that the Senior Citizen Tsunami is still off shore, and senior voters have not only the Senate, but also the House and the White House in the palm of their hands. He encouraged the crowd to stay charged through November, and they cheered!

When Jim introduced Governor Huckabee, the crowd leaped to their feet in ovation. The Governor shared that he now calls this area home, and he is thrilled that he is able to live where his friends vacation. He called this “God’s part of Florida in the Panhandle”, where most residents are conservative, appreciate our military veterans, and love our country.

Governor Huckabee shared his views on the first Presidential debate, held the evening before. He said Governor Romney was remarkable, and spot on.” He said his favorite part of the evening was seeing the reactions of mainstream media, who had difficulty acknowledging that Romney did the better job. As Romney pointed out– when so many seniors are retiring every day, Americans are living longer, Obamacare is cutting pay to doctors, $716 BILLION is gutted out of Medicare, and there will be no exemptions for pre-existing conditions– how on earth can Obamacare improve health coverage and save money?! Governor Huckabee said this election is the most critical time in the nation’s history. He said the debate showed that Romney had a background in business and Obama hadn’t. He said the most telling moment of the debate was when Obama told the viewers that the roll of government is to invest (government speak for spending), while Romney said the role of government is to stay true to the Constitution.

He told us that he is the first one in his male family line that has finished high school, and that he worked hard to get a college degree. Huckabee said our parents – part of the Greatest Generation – made extraordinary sacrifices to give is a nation that is greater than the one we will pass on to our children. He said we must give the nation a better one than is on the horizon if changes aren’t made, and that is why every conservative needs to be engaged with the 60 Plus Association. When he concluded that “America is still the greatest place on God’s green earth”, the crowd went wild.

Jimmy’s act followed Governor Huckabee, and he totally ‘played’ the audience. Everything he said clicked, and the guffaws were so loud, people were bent over laughing. The entire crowd gave him a long standing ovation.

Before Rick sang ‘Proud to be an American’, he spoke about the blessings he’s received by being on the 60 Plus Health Care Reform tour, especially the honor of seeing good patriots who want to pass this great America on to the next generation. While he sang this final song and the crowd was standing and singing, there was one senior couple in the back of the room with their arms around each other, touching their heads together, swaying with the music. You could feel the patriotism throughout the ballroom.

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