From the Road – Sept 20

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Our Thursday town hall/luncheon was held in Buffalo’s landmark, Salvatore’s Italian Gardens Restaurant.  Our over 200 attendees overflowed the huge room, and were heavily engaged in discussions about health care reform, taxation burdens and the economy.  In this more blue-then-red purple area of New York, they were deeply worried about the immediate and long-term ramifications of administration and Congressional decisions.  One attendee, Lisa Thrun (co-chair, AFP New York), related that every day, 3.5 Buffalo citizens move away because of high taxes and poor economic.  She said this area has the 13th highest property tax rate in the nation, and a sales tax of almost 9%.  She asked 60 Plus to invite her to any further events in the Buffalo area.  Several attendees expressed their enthusiasm for such a quality event, and asked to be involved in any way 60 Plus could use them in the future.   Congressional candidate Chris Collins spoke to the group about repealing Obamacare and saving Social Security and Medicare.  Shona related well to the assembled seniors, who were well aware that Canadians come to Buffalo in droves for medical treatment they cannot receive in their own country.

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